Luxury Dog Grooming Salon In Witham

About Us

Arnies of Essex Luxury Dog Groomers. Grooming dogs in With Essex in our bespoke Luxury Dog Salon

Arnie’s of Essex in Witham is a luxury dog grooming salon for your best 4-legged friends. Our salon has been especially designed to provide a safe, clean and relaxing haven in which your dog can be groomed, indulged and revitalised.

We are a family run, local business that love dogs. We make it our goal to pamper, groom and care for every dog as if they were our own. Their happiness and welfare is our number one concern. 

We are based just off the A12 (Junction 22) and with ample parking, it is a stress free process dropping off your furry friends for their salon treatment. 

We really do understand the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!

Hannah - The Dog Lover

Hannah McKenzie owner of Arnies of Essex Luxury Dog Groomers in Witham

I have been grooming dogs since completing my qualifications back in 2008. Dogs have been a passion of mine all my life and I couldn't think of anything I would enjoy more than to work with them every single day. Once I left college I went onto work in a busy dog grooming salon which I thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely adored seeing all my regular clients. After 3 years I was offered a placement within a veterinary practice for a veterinary nursing role, I felt at the time it would be a great experience seeing another side of caring for animals and for me to learn and gather more skills in a different area. 

Unfortunately due to a change in personal circumstances after 5 years I had to leave my Veterinary nursing position and move onto something completely different. I went on to work for the NHS in a clinical role where it was more suitable for my current lifestyle and living situation. As much as I loved my position there and it was nice to do something new, I knew deep down that working with dogs was my passion and I missed it incredibly. 

After months of thinking and talking about it I decided to take the leap back into what I really love doing and in September of 2018 opened my own Luxury Dog Groomers.

Arnie - The Mascot

Arnie, the mascot of the dog groomers in Witham.

Arnie is my very mischievous, excitable yet loving and absolutely gorgeous (I know, I'm biased!) miniature Goldendoodle. 

He can’t seem to leave me alone and follows me everywhere I go, so I thought why not bring him to work with me! He has now completely taken over........including the name! 

Arnie has been my best friend since i bought him home.